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Why Chose Dinotots for my child?

Give your child the best start


At Dinotots we understand that time in a well-equipped sensory room helps children improve their visual, auditory and tactile processing, as well as fine and gross motor skills. We know that by providing a sense of calm and comfort, sensory rooms help children learn to self-regulate their behaviours, which ultimately improves focus.


We have specialist baby units in every one of our nurseries giving dedicated care for your little ones

Home-Cooked Meals

Hot, home-cooked nutritious food is cooked freshly on-site each mealtime

Key Careworker

Key carers to ensuring your child's ongoing development, safety and well-being

School Readiness

We prepare children fully for their exciting journey on to Reception


We support reusable and eco-friendly nappies and try to have as small a footprint as possible

Secure Parental Access

Using online software you can keep updated with your child's daily progress

Breakfast Club

Offering a safe and fun environment before they head off to school

Round the Clock Care

We accommodate for all day care from 7.30am through to 6pm and half-day care to suit your needs

Pick-up/Drop Off

We operate our collection and drop-off service to all local schools

After School Club

A place for your child to continue their development with fun and energetic activities

Developing the next generation for Success.

The staff at Dinotots make a real difference; we support, coach and mentor each other to ensure the same level of expertise is delivered by everyone. Our team strive to be the best we can be through continuous professional development and ongoing evaluation, reflection and assessment. We are a family. We want the best from all our staff, we care, we take care of our people without hindering their growth and ensure they have a voice. With our brilliant, hand-picked team, we guarantee the pathway to successful education and development of your children

Our Children

We recognise that each child is an individual, with individual needs and individual learning abilities. Together with this special uniqueness they also bring their own set of qualities and challenges; At Dinotots we listen, respond, respect and support our children.

Our Families

The advanced relationships that we build with our families are essential; through effective 2-way communication and trust we unite your family's expert knowledge of your children with our early years expertise to produce the very best outcomes for all children